Sunday, 19 August 2007

VYE S37 first impressions

I have been using the VYE S37 for a few hours now on and off, and my first observations impressions are as follows:

The Good

1. The screen is the clearest sharpest I've seen on any available UMPC (as good as the Mo-bits/ TabletKiosk Tuff Tab)
2. The keyboard is 1000x better than the old SA1 series.
3. The device is fast enough for basic on the road tasks (whilst the SA1 was good I did get frustrated with occasional performance problems)

The Not So Good

1. WiFi device on this demo unit keeps switcing off with error code 10 in the device manager.
2. There is a WiFi/Bluetooth on/off switch on the front of the unit, but this only turns the WiFi/Bluetooth on/off if the WiFi/Bluetooth has been enabled using the Fn F4 key!!!
3. The SD reader can't always see my memory card.
4. The VYE logo on the lid (this needs to be reviewed by VYE.
5. The £800 price tag (I'm not sure I would pay £800 for any UMPC, especially as I could import the 40GB version for about £600 including import taxes)

I am writing this entry on the S37, and I will be testing it over the next few weeks, so if there is anything you would like testing post here.

UPDATE: VYE are sending a replacement unit, as it would appear I have a unit that was damaged during transit. VYE had a number of samples sent from Inventec that got damaged in transit, and it looks like mine slipped through the net. I have to say VYE are being very helpful.

The VYE S37 800MHz is in the house

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the 800MHz VYE S37 and will be putting it through its paces over the next week or 2. I have had a couple of problems with the demo unit, but I hope this will be fixed by a BIOS update. I will post about the issues and hopefully the fixes in a later entry, but for now here are the specs and some images.
VYE S37 Spec


Sunday, 29 July 2007

Kohjinsha SH6 (aka Vye mini-v S37) mini-review

If you're interested in the Vye mini-v S37, then check out the Kohjinsha SH6 (aka Vye mini-v S37) mini-review video by Steve from UMPC Portal, or head over to UMPC Portal for more review information and comments.

Vye mini-v S37 (aka Kohjinsha)

Kohjinsha have finally realised that their mini notebook range is popular outside of Japan, and as such has undergone the necessary certifications. The Kohjinsha SH6KB04A has been brought to the UK by Vye Compters, and is now available in the UK known as the Vye mini-v S37. Pocket PC Solutions in the UK will be one of the first resellers, and they have the product listed here.

The spec is slightly different to the Japanese version, and priced at £799.99 are slightly higher than the price in Japan, but with UK certification and support it is better to buy here than import.

I'm Back

Sorry for the lack of posts to all those that have used My Kohjinsha as their source of information, but I have been busy on other projects. The good news is I am back, and will be posting more regularly.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Kohjinsha SH6KB04A Coming Soon

As you all know Kohjinsha are due to release their SA1 replacement, and most websites have the new device listed as the K600. My sources tell me this is incorrect and the new unit will actually be called the Kohjinsha SH6KB04A. Also the device spec being listed on these websites is also incorrect, and I can reveal the following.

Model: SH6KB04A
CPU: 800MHz Intel
RAM: 512MB (upgradeable to 1GB)
Screen: 800 x 480 7" Touch Screen
OS: Microsoft Vista Home Basic
Keyboard: Japanese
Other: Built-in Webcam, USB Ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, NIC, VGA Out and SD

The above information will be updated as soon as I recieve the official press release, but this new device looks to be a winner, and if the expected price of $799 USD is correct, and if this model has the correct FCC and CE certification, then this could put Kohjinsha firmly in the global UMPC market place.

I'm Back

Sorry for the lack of posts, but for the past week and a bit I have been on a well earned holiday to Cyprus, and as you all know Kohjinsha have announced a replacement to their successful SA1 series. I did know about this new device, but agreed not to post until the unit was officially announced, which will be any day now.