Sunday, 29 July 2007

Kohjinsha SH6 (aka Vye mini-v S37) mini-review

If you're interested in the Vye mini-v S37, then check out the Kohjinsha SH6 (aka Vye mini-v S37) mini-review video by Steve from UMPC Portal, or head over to UMPC Portal for more review information and comments.

Vye mini-v S37 (aka Kohjinsha)

Kohjinsha have finally realised that their mini notebook range is popular outside of Japan, and as such has undergone the necessary certifications. The Kohjinsha SH6KB04A has been brought to the UK by Vye Compters, and is now available in the UK known as the Vye mini-v S37. Pocket PC Solutions in the UK will be one of the first resellers, and they have the product listed here.

The spec is slightly different to the Japanese version, and priced at £799.99 are slightly higher than the price in Japan, but with UK certification and support it is better to buy here than import.

I'm Back

Sorry for the lack of posts to all those that have used My Kohjinsha as their source of information, but I have been busy on other projects. The good news is I am back, and will be posting more regularly.