Saturday, 24 March 2007

Thoughtfix thoughts on the Kohjinsha

Following his attempt to use his Kohjinsha as a desktop replacement Thoughtfix has posted his review here.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Touchscreen Kohjinsha

Rumors on the internet are suggesting that Kohjinsha are planning a touch screen version of their SA1F00, and is due for release in April. I hope this rumor is correct, however like the current unit, it will not be officially available outside of Japan, which means anyone wanting one will have to import it themselves. The reason for this is, as with the current models the Kohjinsha is neither CE or FCC approved, which is a real shame, as this little device would be a good seller for Kohjinsha.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Kohjinsha SA1F00B Mini Review

Whilst searching the web for information on the Kohjinsha I stumbled across this review on Superdave's Soapbox, which is the best review I have read to date.

Kohjinsha as main PC part 2

Thoughtfix has given up his attempt to use his Kohjinsha as his main PC for 2 weeks after only 5 days. It will be interesting to see what Thoughtfix has to say about his test, but I am not surprised as whist the Kohjinsha is an excellent little device it does not have the processing power to replace your desktop. Like Raon Digitals Vega the Kohjinsha is an Ultra Portable PC that is ideal to throw in a bag and take where ever you go. I will post my own views on the Kohjinsha very soon, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

My Kohjinsha has arrived

My Kohjinsha arrived 2 days ago, and I am really very very happy with it. I am still in the process of configuring it and will blog my experience with it after a few days of use.

I am not one for videos, and there have been enough unboxing videos made, so below are some snaps of the unit during the unboxing.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Kohjinsha as main PC

Following his unboxing Thoughtfix is now running an experiment to see if he can replace is current PC's with the Kohjinsha, using it on a daily basis for the next 2 weeks. You read how he gets on with the device here.

Also Steve over at UMPC Portal will be using his Kohjinsha to report from CeBIT.

Kohjinsha SA1 unboxing

Thoughtfix has received a loan Kohjinsha SA1 and you hear his first impressions of the device, and see his unboxing video here.

Kohjinsha SA1F00A Full Review

For anyone thinking about buy a Kohjinsha check out Steve's review over at UMPC Portal. There are a few reviews on the web, but this was the one that helped me decide to buy one. Read the review here, and the only complaint Steve has about the unit is the poor keyboard. As soon as I recieve my Kohjinsha I will post my own mini review.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Welcome to My Kohjinsha

After weeks of reading reviews and looking at the Kohjinsha I finally decided to buy one. I currently use a Raon Digital Vega for travelling, but there are times when I just need a keyboard, and whilst I have a very small USB keyboard for My Vega it is not always pratical to use it.

I got an email from the Japanese exported today saying my Kohjinsha is on its way. It has taken nearly 2 weeks to source, because I wanted the new white one, the Kohjinsha SA1F00D. Over the coming months/years I hope to use and blog about the current models and any new models that appear.

My Kohjinsha SA1F00D should be in my hands in the next few days, but until then I (and you ) will have to make do with the photo taken by the exporter of my white Kohjinsha next to the standard black one.